Poultry with a Distant View of Dordrecht

Poultry with a Distant View of Dordrecht


This detailed, close-up view of a rooster and two hens has a view of Dordrecht in the background. The birds dominate in the picture, dwarfing a farmhouse, and even the great nave and tower of the Grote Kerk. At their feet are grasses, twigs and stones in russet tones that mirror the plumage of the standing hen. The light blue sky is full of fair weather clouds touched by sunlight on their lower edges. The huge, curved neck of the russet hen combines with the birds’ scarlet combs and beaks to form a vivid centrepiece and a striking alternative focal point to the diminutive cathedral. The plumage has received great attention, whereas the background is quite rapidly sketched in. These exceptionally beautiful, plump and healthy birds attest to the prosperity of rural life around the city of Dordrecht, the oldest city in Holland and an important mercantile centre, owing to its strategic position near major inland waterways.

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Poultry with a Distant View of Dordrecht

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unframed: 64.7cm x 77.8cm
framed: 98.4cm x 110.8cm

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oil paint


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