carte-de-visite photograph

Southwell Brothers

carte-de-visite photograph

Southwell Brothers


Portrait of the Prince and Princess of Wales and another couple. The Prince, with sideburns, is wearing a double breasted lounge coat with a boutonniere, shirt, pinned cravat and trousers. He is holding his bowler hat in his right hand. The other man is wearing a lounge coat fastened at the top button, a shirt, patterned cravat and trousers. The Princess, with her hair plaited around her head into a chignon, is wearing a full-skirted dress that is decorated on the bodice with a row of buttons, beading and fringing on the shoulders. She is also wearing drop earrings and pendant on ribbon around her neck. The other woman, with her hair in a chignon, wears a full-skirted dress with lace collar and decorated with circle and line patterns on the skirt and earrings.

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carte-de-visite photograph

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Southwell Brothers

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image: 10.2cm x 6.4cm

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