Shipping off Amsterdam

Abraham Storck, 1644 - 1708

Shipping off Amsterdam

Abraham Storck 1644 - 1708


In this dramatic seascape, set off the coast of Amsterdam, a man of war has pulled up on her starboard tack to allow passengers to disembark into a small rowing boat, which can be seen pulling away from her port side. The crowded rowing boat struggles to keep afloat on the choppy sea. The yacht's huge sails flap, spilling wind, as she heads slightly into the stiff breeze to stop her forward momentum. This allows a smaller vessel, close hauled on the same tack, to head safely across her starboard bows. Other ships travel towards Amsterdam in the distance, and in the left foreground a small sailing boat ploughs through the waves with the wind almost aft over its starboard beam. There is a blue, cloudy sky and the green sea is flecked with spray as the wind whips the tops off the waves. Amsterdam is frequently shown in Storck's port scenes: the clock tower appears on the left below the flag of the man of war. Abraham Storck was a talented painter of marine subjects and figures, who was greatly influenced by the seascapes of Willem van de Velde II and Ludolf Backhuysen. He is well known for his pictures of the festive and ceremonial aspects of Dutch maritime life.

Object Name

Shipping off Amsterdam

Creators Name

Abraham Storck

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unframed: 29.3cm x 34.5cm
framed: 51.2cm x 55cm

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oil paint


Gift of Mrs Hatton


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