Eric Ravilious, 1903 - 1942


Eric Ravilious 1903 - 1942


Public: Cylindrical mug, white earthenware, printed underglaze with the letters of the alphabet each illustrated by a small vignette, overpainted with wide bands of pale pink enamel. Private: Broad cylindrical mug with recess under foot and ribbed loop handle. Sides decorated with black underglaze print comprising the letters of the alphabet in two rows beginning immediately to the right of the handle. Beneath each letter a small vignette illustrates an object beginning with that letter. Top row : aeroplane; bird in cage; cloud above trees; doll; eggs in a nest; fish; globe; house; Indian wearing headdress; jug of flowers; kettle on a kitchen range; leaf. Bottom row : matchbox; new moon; octopus; palm tree; quince; rocking chair; swan; twins; umbrella; volcano erupting; whale; xylophone. Alphabet rows washed overglaze with a wide band of pale pink enamel, pictures rows left white. Y and Z pictured inside cup rim to right of handle, within oval frame, printed above the letters with a yacht at sea, below with a zeppelin. Central band containing Y and Z painted pink. Pattern reference Alphabet & CL6260

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Eric Ravilious

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