Parisian Cafe

Edwin John Victor Pasmore, 1908 - 22 Jan 1998

Parisian Cafe

Edwin John Victor Pasmore 1908 - 22 Jan 1998


Scene depicting a conversation between two men in a Parisian cafe. A waitress passes behind the male characters in top hats conversing in the foreground, and a single figure stands reading the paper in the background to the left. This is an early Victor Pasmore work before he moved to abstraction, and elements of his interest in abstraction are already evident in this work. The scene is mottled in character; the paint is used formally in this scene. The man on the right wears a carnation in his jacket, both men are dressed smartly in suit and tie, and they are both drinking red wine. The man on the right is turned fully towards his companion as if trying to persuade him of something, whilst the man on the right appears disinterested. There is a yellow tinted wall behind and a window to the right of the picture, revealing houses and a street outside.

Object Name

Parisian Cafe

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unframed: 71.2cm x 91.6cm
framed: 92.5cm x 112.7cm

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oil paint


Gift of the Contemporary Art Society


© Permission granted by Victor Pasmore Estate

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