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Pilkington's Tiles Group Plc


Globular vase with prominent circular footring and tall straight neck, flared at rim. Thin moulded collar round base of neck. Opalescent-veined glaze on interior and exterior of vase gives streaky feathery effect, red earthenware body visible beneath turquoise glaze streaks, especially round rim. At edge of rim tiny green Starry-Opalescent crystals, crystalline glaze containing cobalt fired to 1000 C.

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Experimental Glazes From the end of the 19th century there was a remarkable surge of interest in experimenting with ceramic glazes. Companies such as Pilkington’s Lancastrian Pottery of Clifton Junction, north of Manchester, employed chemists who worked tirelessly applying theoretic inorganic chemistry to the art of the potter. Uneven effects which had been regarded as irritating faults were carefully refined to produce streaks, stars and feathery or cloudy glazes. It was in the Edwardian era that these new colours and effects found a market.

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Clifton Junction



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