Plate, earthenware, tin glazed, delftware, decorated in blue, arch surrounded by figures and containing script in Dutch; Faith, Hope and Charity at the top, below, the Ten Commandments and Moses figure, the Lords Prayer at bottom.

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Gallery text panel Spiritual Religious objects are often admired for their beauty. Whether they are intended for prayer or worship, it is the job of the artist or craftsperson to use their earthly skills and the materials available, to create objects with spiritual resonance. Images of religious figures are especially important. They are designed to inspire and guide us in prayer, whilst also expressing deeper spiritual meanings. Such figures are often accompanied by emblems relating to the figures' spiritual journey, as well as symbolising their special attributes. Similarly, objects designed for ritual and worship are often decorated with symbolic images, sacred figures and sometimes even religious text. Although all the objects and figures on display probably have a deeper significance for some, they convey a universal sense of spirituality which can be appreciated by everyone.

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