carte-de-visite photograph

Southwell Brothers

carte-de-visite photograph

Southwell Brothers


Studio portrait of a young woman against a trompe l'oeil background of classical archicture, foliage and a small fountain on the right hand side of the scene. The woman is leaning against a stone balustrade on the left hand side of the scene against which is propped a closed parasol. The woman is wearing a black glengarry hat trimmed with a decorative edging, a feather and a rosette. Beneath this her hair is arranged in two plaits which fall across each shoulder. The woman is wearing a white blouse with a turn down collar beneath a black velvet paletot fastened up the front with a double row of linked buttons. Beneath this she is wearing a mid-coloured silk ruched skirt with embroidered detail at the hem pulled up slightly to reveal a striped stiffened underskirt with a white hem. The woman is holding a white sheepskin muff in her left hand and her right gloved hand rests on the balstrade.

Object Name

carte-de-visite photograph

Creators Name

Southwell Brothers

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image: 10.2cm x 6.4cm

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