teabowl & saucer

Robert Hancock, 1731 - 1817

teabowl & saucer

Robert Hancock 1731 - 1817


Public: Teabowl and saucer, soft paste porcelain, transfer printed overglaze and enamelled overglaze, black, with ruins, classical buildings and river scene. Private: Teabowl : tapered footring, everted rim, transfer printed overglaze with three Italian inspired scenes in black. Ruins with Urn and Pyramid depicts a classical landscape, tree to left, man and woman centre dwarfed by buildings to right, to which he gestures. Foreground right collapsed arched structure, receding into distance are columns with urn; classical building with colonnade; pyramid. Centre distance round tower and buildings. Ruins by a River shows ruined bell tower with buildings behind amongst trees. Distant river bank to right, a mound and buildings, foreground part of fence. The Ruined Tower inside well shows round tower and ruins, tree to left, birds in sky. Foreground rural landscape, with (probably) hand enamelled overglaze foliage. Inner rim enamelled overglaze black band. Saucer : tapered foot, everted rim, printed overglaze, black, with The Signal Tower depicting river scene. Centre sailing boat flying flag, single sail, on wide river with curved banks, smaller boats behind, left and one moored to right, ahead, to right, rowing boat with two men. Foreground, two men, with staffs, standing, one looks towards river. Right bank steps leading to classical tower, palm tree grows from top, distant right signal tower, with round object hanging from gibbet on top. Church and buildings at base of tower. Large tree grows from left bank, distant left, buildings. Birds in sky. Enamelled overglaze black band inner rim.

Object Name

teabowl & saucer

Creators Name

Robert Hancock

Date Created

c 1755= 1765


saucer: 2.2cm
teabowl: 3.7cm

accession number


Place of creation




Gift of Mrs R E M Dykes


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