Purple/green striped velvet (Green silk with a purple velvet ribbon stripe). coat: lined white satin, except sleeves and centre back to waist, lined white linen high standing collar, fronts cut in one with skirt curving away to sides, fastening with hook and eye; pocket, white linen, each side with shaped flap; back in two sections continuing to form centre back skirt, open at centre from waist with overlap; skirt open and pleated at waist each side of back, caught with button at hem and with stitching in two places above; long fitting sleeves in two sections with cuff; ten buttons and buttonholes down front, the top one and the bottom four buttonholes uncut; three buttons on each cuff, three below each pocket flap, one at top of each side-back slit worn under arms breeches: wide waistband lined cotton, fastening in front with three buttons (missing); gusset at back of cream glazed twilled wool; back fastening with dark blue woollen strap lined white linen, buttonhole in waistband on opposite side; shaped section inserted and gathered into waistband across back; lined cream glazed twilled wool, fastening with two buttons; one pocket (coarse white linen) each side extending from front to side, front lined cream glazed twilled wool fastening at side with one button; small deep slit pocket (coarse white linen) in waistband right side of front; knee fastening lined white linen and cream glazed twilled wool with five buttons and buttonholes, one buttonhole in kneeband.

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Length (coat): 110cm

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[G13] Manchester Art Gallery - Gallery 13
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