Persian falconer tile panel

Pilkington's Tiles Group Plc

Persian falconer tile panel

Pilkington's Tiles Group Plc


Panel of thirty-five plastic-bodied earthenware tiles, five tiles wide and seven tiles high. The tiles are coated with white slip. The design is painted underglaze with metal oxides and coloured slips, with some highlights in red Armenian bole and traces of overglaze gilding. 'Persian' colours are used: vivid turquoise, a sage green derived from copper, cobalt blues and dark manganese purple; with touches of red slip on the tulips, turban and slipper. The main panel has a pseudo-Persian design, in the 15th/16th century Isnik style, of a young Persian man wearing a large turban and robes with an 'Isnik' floral design. He is pulling on a gauntlet and sitting on a stool. A falcon perches on his left knee, looking away to the right. The scene takes place in a garden, where there are two trees, red tulips, a purple tulip in the foreground and small blue flowers on the white ground. There is a narrow border, of scrolling turquoise foliage against a dark blue background, around the whole of the main panel. Across the top and bottom are much wider borders of elaborate scrolling blue and white flowers on a white ground. Across the extreme top and bottom are narrow bands of plain dark blue. The whole panel has been set in mortar and framed.

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Making it What is it like to be an artist in Manchester? Here we explore the success stories of individuals who are making art, craft and design. In former times the city's wealth attracted artists and the School of Art established its reputation with teachers like Adolphe Valette and Walter Crane. Today there is also a flourishing art scene, with networks of artists' groups and studios and exhibitions spill from galleries into the city. Making It is a changing display of artists and designers past and present. We will be using work selected from our collections and inviting today's artists to showcase their work.

Object Name

Persian falconer tile panel

Date Created

c 1910


Whole: 109.2cm x 78.1cm
Individual Tiles: 15.6cm

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Place of creation

Clifton Junction



On Display

[G4] Manchester Art Gallery - Gallery 4
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