milk jug

Robert Hancock, 1731 - 1817

milk jug

Robert Hancock 1731 - 1817


Public: Milk jug and lid, baluster shaped body, projecting lip, loop handle, tapered footring. Lid is low dome with flattened rim, conical knop. Transfer-printed overglaze exterior. The Milkmaids shows one woman, left, with pail on head, man assists second milkmaid with her pail. Left and right, behind, cows grazing, rural landscape, birds in sky, foreground foliage. The Tease shows woman seated on ground beneath tree, standing man tickles her chin, her right arm rests on his tickling arm, he wears feathers in his hat. Rural landscape. Two views of rural landscapes on lid, one with windmill, other shows ruined tower, tree and birds. Enamelled overglaze black band inner rim milk jug and lid rim.

Object Name

milk jug

Creators Name

Robert Hancock

Date Created

c 1760=1770


overall: 11.8cm x 6.9cm
lid: 3cm
without lid: 8.9cm

accession number


Place of creation




Harold Raby bequest


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