coffee pot & cover

Robert Hancock, 1731 - 1817

coffee pot & cover

Robert Hancock 1731 - 1817


Public: Coffee pot and cover, soft paste porcelain, scroll handle, cut mouth spout, enamelled overglaze and transfer-printed overglaze in black with garden scenes. Private: Coffee pot : baluster shape, scroll handle, cut mouth curved spout, transfer-printed overglaze, black, exterior. Tea Party No.2 depicts well dressed man and woman, left, seated on elegant bench, she passes teabowl and saucer to him, sword at his right. Black page, holding kettle stands behind woman, tree behind. Front left laden ornate pedestal table, distant left balustrade terminating at gate with statue surmounting plinth, wooded garden landscape, dog foreground. Leopard lying, foreground, with musical instruments amongst foliage, birds in sky. La Diseuse d'Aventure shows woman, a child at her side, dog behind, reading palm of elegant lady, right. Two other woman, their backs to us, stand to right, Man peeps from behind bushes and tree to right. Wooded rural landscape, foliage foreground. Interlaced scroll, shell and foliage pattern underside spout, shell and scroll device upperside spout. Enamelled overglaze black band outer rim. Cover : low dome, flattened rim, conical knop, transfer-printed overglaze, black. The Ruined Tower shows round tower and ruined buildings, wooded landscape, birds in sky. The Windmill shows windmill with farm buildings, wooded landscape, birds in sky. Enamelled overglaze black band upper rim. pattern : Tea Party no.2 (coffee pot body) pattern : La Diseuse d'Aventure (coffee pot body) pattern : The Ruined Tower (cover) pattern : The Windmill (cover)

Object Name

coffee pot & cover

Creators Name

Robert Hancock

Date Created

c 1760=1770


coffeepot: 16.7cm
overall: 19.8cm x 11.7cm
cover: 4.4cm x 7.5cm

accession number


Place of creation




Harold Raby bequest


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