Staffordshire creamware transfer printed jug

Staffordshire creamware transfer printed jug


Transfer printed creamware jug. On one side, the jug is illustrated with a cotton spinning machine by which stands a man and a small boy with a cotton spindle in his hand. Below is the legend "Success to the friendly Association of Cotton Spinners". This motif of cotton spinning is flanked on the left by a cotton plan and on the right by a sailing ship. The image is a piece of pro-mechanisation propaganda, at a time when the mechanisation of cotton production was controversial. On the reverse of the jug there is an image entitled "The Farmyard", with a man watching his herd of cattle, pigs, hens and a turkey. A woman looks out of a stable door and feeds the hens. Below this image is the legent "Success to the Plough, the Fleece and the Pil: May the Landlord ever flouish and the Tenant never Fail." .

Object Name

Staffordshire creamware transfer printed jug

Date Created

circa 1790

accession number


Place of creation



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