News of the Army

John Arthur Lomax, 1857 - 1923

News of the Army

John Arthur Lomax 1857 - 1923


Two Civil War soldiers in uniform seen within a domestic interior in front of a large fireplace. In the centre foreground one of the two men is seated in profile to the left, his legs crossed and reading from a military newspaper, which he holds open before him. Standing directly behind him, the second man leans forward over his shoulder to read from the same sheet, with his left hand placed on the back of the chair and with a pipe in his right. Both men wear long, Regency-style coats with spurred riding boots and bicorn hats. Behind the figures is a table covered with a cloth on which is arranged a wine flagon and a pair of goblets. In front of the soldiers is a large stone fireplace with crockery arranged along the mantlepiece and high-backed wooden chairs placed to the side.

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News of the Army about 1900 John Arthur Lomax 1857 -1923 Oil on panel Small paintings of figures in historical dress were ideal for the respectable Victorian home. Unlike paintings intended for major exhibitions which could make an artist's reputation, News of the Army shows little evidence of research; the costumes and furnishing mix period and style. Lomax used a range of historical props, from spurred boots to clay pipes, which he used repeatedly in his work to signify 'the past'. British patriotism is present here too: the hats come from the Napoleonic Wars period so the news of the title may be of victory at Waterloo. James Blair bequest 1917.246

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News of the Army

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John Arthur Lomax

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Panel: 30.5cm x 25.1cm

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Oil paint on panel

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[G9] Manchester Art Gallery - Gallery 9
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Mr James Thomas Blair bequest, 1917.


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