shape: Cone and Cloud

Graham Burr, - April 2003

shape: Cone and Cloud

Graham Burr - April 2003


Public: Inverted cone shape bisected by flat wavy-edged slab made of cream coloured stoneware with mottled pale pink and mauvy-pink glaze. Private: Press moulded abstract form of inverted cone bisected to behind tip of cone by flat 'cloud' form with undulating wavy edge, buff stoneware. Mottled oxide glaze, pale creamy pink with mottled pale grey patches to top of cone and where 'cloud' meets cone, darker mauvy-pink glaze to rest of body with pale speckles and mottled patches of pale bluey-green. Patchy line of unglazed body to join of cone and 'cloud' to side of tip, thin brown iron patches to external edges of 'cloud', light crazing to surface throughout. Five circular holes to base, large cracks (possibly glued) to base.

Object Name

shape: Cone and Cloud

Creators Name

Graham Burr

Date Created

1972 (circa)


(285mm): 285mm
(290mm (at base)):

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