Samuel Haile, 1909 - 1948


Samuel Haile 1909 - 1948


Public: Shallow dish decorated with a painted design of a semi-skeletal mammoth made of brown stoneware. Private: Shallow footed dish with painted mammoth design to upper surface in blue, green and grey, brown stoneware. Opaque white ground to upper surface with dark blue band to rim, semi-skeletal mammoth to centre. Mammoth's head is skeletal with cavernous eye sockets, cracked skull and large sharp tusks. Trunk has green-painted skin and end of trunk extends into a hand with pointed fingers. Front left leg has green-painted skin which slumps to around neck as if shedding, front right leg is that of a woman with stilleto-type shoe. Back half of body is skeletal with only back left leg showing. Figure stands on paving slabs, areas of dark grey behind head and backside, crazing to glaze surface throughout. Brown spot to right of figure, scratch in glaze to bottom right of figure, maker's monogram to below painting. Dark grey speckled glaze to bottom of dish, object has been broken and repaired in three pieces.

Object Name


Creators Name

Samuel Haile

Date Created

1941 (circa)

accession number


Place of creation

United States



Purchase, 1973


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