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Slater Bradley, 1975

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Slater Bradley 1975


C print mounted onto aluminium and framed.

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Factory Icon 2017 Slater Bradley born 1975 C-print mounted to aluminium, glass, brass Hannah, Curator: I thought it was Ian Curtis the whole time it was in the True Faith exhibition! Fiona, Curator: I think pretty much everyone thought that Factory Icon was Curtis himself. What complicates it more is that it’s the artist’s own doppelganger standing in for the artist, standing in for Curtis. Hannah: Was the artist really into Joy Division? Fiona: You could say that! The work was part of a series that focussed on popular musicians who have since become icons and whose lives are surrounded by myth. Slater was a joy to include in True Faith because he was so enthusiastic about the project and Ian Curtis played a big part in his life as a young adult. Donated anonymously after the 2017 Manchester International Festival exhibition True Faith. 2020.65

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Factory Icon

Creators Name

Slater Bradley

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unframed: 124.5cm x 77cm
framed: 149.2cm x 92.3cm

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© Slater Bradley

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