wall tile

wall tile


Public: Square tin-glazed plastic-bodied earthenware tile with design, painted in-glaze in blue, of the Prodigal Son enjoying the pleasures of the world. Private: Square plastic-bodied light brown earthenware tile, tin-glazed and painted in-glaze in blue. The design, representing a scene from the parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:13), is contained within a double-banded roundel border, and the tile has a carnation corner motif. The Prodigal Son reclines in the centre beside a seated woman who appears to be bare-breasted. He holds up a wine cup which is being filled from a jug by a woman standing behind him. To the right is a short man playing a clarinet-like instrument and a woman dancing and holding a tambourine in each hand. To the left is a classical-style fountain in which a Cupid figure pours water from a jar. The scene takes place before an elaborate house facade.

Object Name

wall tile

Date Created

c 1740=1800


approx: 12.8cm x 12.8cm

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Place of creation




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