wall tile

wall tile


Public: Square tin-glazed plastic-bodied earthenware tile with design, painted in-glaze in blue, of the mocking of Christ (Christ at the column). Private: Square plastic-bodied light brown earthenware tile, tin-glazed and hand-painted in-glaze in blue. Carnation corner motif and double-banded roundel border around the central scene. The scene is the mocking of Christ (Christ at the column), who sits just to right of centre surrounded by three men (soldiers), one of whom kneels at his feet and smiles, another of whom is in the act of crowning him (with the crown of thorns) and the third of whom looks on while leaning against a column and resting a mace on his right shoulder. Six more people look on from the left background, of whom one sits on a step, another leans on a balustrade and a third (a religious leader?) wears a long robe and a tall conical hat. All the figures except Jesus wear European-style dress. The setting for the scene is an interior with columns, tiled floor and a small arched doorway at the right.

Object Name

wall tile

Date Created

c 1740=1800


approx: 12.8cm x 12.8cm

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