S J Kaendler


S J Kaendler


Public: Inkstand, hard paste porcelain, with four seated figures seated on a tray, decorated with flowers and fruit and vegetables in enamel colours. Private: Inkstand, hard paste porcelain. Four figures set on a shaped tray modelled with rococo scrolls. A seated Chinaman reads from book inscribed with hieropglyphics and a female attendant behind, holds a parasol over him. The base of this group modelled as a tassled cushion. The sander is formed as a kneeling Chinese child, wearing a wide, pierced ruff, the inkwell also as a kneeling child, with a removable head, holding out a hollow gourd in his right hand. Painted in green, grey-blue, iron red, yellow and purple enamel colours, with the robes of the figures decorated with stylized flowers (indianische Blumen), the tray with naturalistic fruit and vegetables.

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Personal Ritual Life is given structure by ritual and routine; we take comfort in the familiar patterns of each day. Some of these are public and community-based whilst others are more intimate, intensely personal - small moments that keep us in touch with ourselves. From sitting in front of a dressing room mirror preparing yourself for the day ahead, to relaxing in the bath when the day's work is done, our lives are made up of these little performances that keep us feeling healthy, happy and connected. These are the times we devote entirely to ourselves, to the contemplation of our space in the world. Here are personal possessions of an intimate nature, the contents of pockets and handbags, aids to beauty, good health and long life, the means for putting our thoughts down on paper. All these objects reflect our most private moments, and all form the subject of Personal Ritual.

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S J Kaendler

Date Created

1760 -1765


: 27.8cm
length of tray: 34.3cm

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Purchased with the assistance of The Art Fund.


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