Landscape with riders in a carriage passing a church

Esaias van de Velde, 1587 - 1630

Landscape with riders in a carriage passing a church

Esaias van de Velde 1587 - 1630


Esaias van de Velde was born in Amsterdam and may have received training from the Flemish landscape painter Gillis van Coninxloo. Like him, van de Velde attempted to eliminate as far as possible idealised details and narratives from his scenes, and he pioneered a naturalistic format in which his local landscape was treated as a subject in its own right. This painting, made after van de Velde moved to The Hague, the Republic's political centre, depicts a topical sight within the local landscape. The man dressed in black in the middle of the carriage, looking directly at the viewer, is Prince Maurits, the Stadtholder, or leader, of the Dutch Republic. He is accompanied by his personal bodyguards, in a livery of dark green breeches and capes, and wide-brimmed hats. The purpose of his journey is uncertain, but there is no doubt that he is travelling through his domain in fine style. While most of the entourage travel along the flat, wide, convenient road, three guards march watchfully along the raised pathway that runs alongside it. A lone beggar holding out his cap reminds us of the harsh daily life endured by many of his subjects.

Display Label

Landscape with Riders around 1623 Esaias Van de Velde 1587 - 1630 Oil on panel The man in the carriage is Prince Maurits of Nassau. He, and his entourage, are driving to The Hague. from his mistress' villa, in the village of Rijswijck. The painter was one of the artists who pioneered a more naturalistic school of Dutch landscape painting. This later work, made for the court in the Hague, is more traditional than his earlier paintings, but still shows his appreciation for the natural world. Assheton - Bennett bequest 1979.509

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Landscape with riders in a carriage passing a church

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Esaias van de Velde

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Panel: 40cm x 68.6cm
Frame: 53.6cm x 83cm

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oil paint on panel


Bequeathed by Mr and Mrs Assheton-Bennett.


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