teapot, tea cup and saucer

Worcester Porcelain Factory, 1751

teapot, tea cup and saucer

Worcester Porcelain Factory 1751


Public: Part of tea service, including teapot, tea cup and saucer, soft paste porcelain, decorated in underglaze cobalt blue, iron red, green, blue and turquoise enamels and gilt in imitation Japanese 'Imari' pattern. Private: Globular teapot with straight neck, thick footring and thick, slightly ribbed loop handle. Main body divided into four wide vertical panels by four narrow underglaze blue panels, one running through handle, one through spout, one each side. Blue panels decorated in gilt, circular reserve half way down filled with iron red enamel and gilt, giving white petalled daisy motif against red ground. Spout panel decorated in gilt and has white spout emerging from centre. White panels filled alternately with stylised chrysanthemum stems in red, green, blue, turquoise and gilt; and prunus sprays in blue, red, green and gilt. Horizontal band of flowers reserved on underglaze blue ground with thin red border lines round bottom of body, handle and spout picked out in red scroll motifs. Domed lid with flat sloping edge, decorated with similar panel design, underglaze blue and red reserved floral border at centre round moulded flower finial painted in yellow, red and green. Single wide teacup, with straight sides, curved base, footring and loop handle. Same pattern of narrow blue panels and wide white panels with alternating groups of chrysanthemums and prunus in enamels and gilt. Single white petalled daisy motif against iron red ground with gilt border in well of cup, gilt edging to rim and gilt motif on back of handle. Single deep saucer, with steep sloping sides and same pattern radiating out from central circular panel, white with daisy motif against red ground with gilt border. Saucer also has circle impressed into body within footring on base. pattern : Rich Queen's

Object Name

teapot, tea cup and saucer

Date Created

c 1765=1780


teapot: 15.2cm x 21.1cm
saucer: 3cm
teacup: 4.7cm x 10.2cm

accession number


Place of creation




Leicester Collier Bequest


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