tea and coffee cups and saucer

Worcester Porcelain Factory, 1751

tea and coffee cups and saucer

Worcester Porcelain Factory 1751


Public: Two tea cups, two coffee cups, and two saucers made of soft paste porcelain, decorated in underglaze cobalt blue, iron red and green enamels and gilt in Japanese 'fan' pattern. One of each on display. Private: Wide tea cup with curved base, narrow footring and earshaped loop handle, taller narrow coffee cup with ridged loop handle, deep saucer with curved sides and footring, all decorated with Japanese 'fan' pattern. Tea cup has three half chrysanthemum fan motifs round upper edge, each with eight petals in alternating underglaze blue, and red and green enamels. Each petal decorated with different diaper pattern in gilt. Underglaze border round base of cup, just above footring, with flowers in white reserve. Inside cup, three underglaze blue circles on sides, decorated with gilt diaper pattern. Large chrysanthemum motif in well, white petals with gilt and red outlines, red and green centre, whole flower within underglaze blue outline. Coffee cup of same pattern, with two half chrysanthemums on exterior and plain well. Saucer has large central panel in well of chrysanthemum with white petals outlined in gilt and red, and green and red centre. Outer border of underglaze blue with white reserve flowers. Four half chrysanthemum fan motifs surround this, two emerging from central panel, two emerging from rim of saucer. Alternating blue, green and red petals with gilt diaper patterns. Underside of saucer decorated on sides with three underglaze blue stems of leaves and two chrysanthemums in red enamel and gilt.

Object Name

tea and coffee cups and saucer

Date Created

c 1768=1775


saucer: 2.4cm
tea cup: 4.9cm x 10cm
coffee cup: 6.5cm x 8.3cm

accession number


Place of creation




Leicester Collier Bequest


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