David Reekie


David Reekie


Three head sculptures each comprising cast amber, green or blue glass in the form of an upturned human head surmounting an annulated pedestal with an assymmetrical oblong knop and an irregular domed base

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Glass making has always had an aura of mystery. The process of heating basic raw ingredients, of shaping and cooling the flowing molten liquid to create solid, yet fragile, translucent objects, invites associations with alchemy and magic. Ever since the first recipe for glass was invented, glassmakers' experiments and happy accidents have expanded the amazing range of ways of forming, colouring, and decorating glass. Hot techniques of shaping glass such as blowing are dependent on dexterity, speed, and rhythm. The blower must harness the fluidity of the material whilst manipulating it to achieve the desired form. Once cooled, glass can also be worked and adorned to refine the design, or add new spectacular effects. The unique qualities of this super-cooled liquid continue to magnify, reflect, and decorate the world.

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David Reekie

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[G12] Manchester Art Gallery - Gallery 12
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