dinner plate

Worcester Porcelain Factory, 1751

dinner plate

Worcester Porcelain Factory 1751


Public: Two dinner plates, soft paste porcelain, painted with underglaze blue ground, with 'fancy birds' in overglaze enamels and gilt. Private: Circular plate with wide shallow well and straight sloping sides, wide footring. Upper surface covered in underglaze blue ground with rococo mirror-shaped and vase-shaped reserves round central circular reserve in well. Blue ground covered in gilt scales radiating out from centre in imitation of old scale blue pattern. Central reserve outlined with thick gilt scalloped border, single butterfly with wings spread at its centre. Outer reserves outlined in gilt, vase reserves filled with single butterflies or other insects, mirror reserves each filled with different elaborate scene of brightly coloured exotic bird in landscape setting. Six small reserves round edge of plate, each filled with single insect, gilt border to rim.

Object Name

dinner plate

Date Created

c 1810=1815

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Leicester Collier Bequest


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