sauce boat

Longton Hall, c 1749 - 1760

sauce boat

Longton Hall c 1749 - 1760


Public: Moulded sauce-boat, soft paste porcelain, painted in underglaze cobalt blue with flowers and chinoiserie scenes inside moulded panels. Private: Slightly distorted moulded sauce-boat in greyish porcelain, swollen oval shape with wide long lip and undulating rim, thick flared footring with cable moulding and scrolling loop handle with upward curved thumb rest. Exterior sides and footring moulded with narrow vertical panels of overlapping scales, interrupted on each side of boat by large elaborate cartouche with scroll borders. At front beneath lip, smaller cartouche of similar type, moulded leaf detail immediately beneath lip. Side cartouches filled with same scene repeated, of chinoiserie landscape with willow type trees, fence and rocks painted underglaze, front cartouche with simple spray of flowers. Moulded ridge round top of boat, giving thick cable border along each side, tapering to nothing at each end. Floral sprays painted in well and inside lip.

Object Name

sauce boat

Creators Name

Longton Hall

Date Created

c 1749=1760


(103mm): 103mm
(165mm): 165mm
(86mm): 86mm

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Place of creation




Leicester Collier Bequest


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