Yellow Form I

Janice Tchalenko, 1942

Yellow Form I

Janice Tchalenko 1942


Public: Stoneware sculpture, asymmetrical folded bowl shape. Decorated with multi-coloured reduction-fired glazes, yellow ground with an abstracted design of flowers and leaves. Private: Sculptural shape made from an oval sheet of grey stoneware which has been folded into plastic asymmetrical shape reminiscent of a bowl. One side is folded under the sculpture, one is deeply creased, another is undulating. Glazes are reduction fired to a high temperature. Decorated on upper and under side with a yellow glaze through which the grey body creates a mottled effect. On the edges of the sculpture areas of green glaze suggest leaves. Two splashes of copper red glaze suggest flowers. Small areas of cobalt blue spread across the surface, roughly outlining some of the green areas. A chemical reaction during firing has given the blue areas the appearance of small amounts of gilding.

Object Name

Yellow Form I

Creators Name

Janice Tchalenko

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Purchased with the assistance of the Victoria and Albert Museum Purchase Grant Fund

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