Large Vessel

Gordon Baldwin, 1932

Large Vessel

Gordon Baldwin 1932


Public: Hollow earthenware abstract sculptural form, unglazed, coated in white porcelain slip, the body decorated with gouged lines and faint incisions, then painted in coloured slips and metallic oxide stains. Private: Hollow earthenware abstract sculptural form made of buff earthenware. Unglazed. Approximately the shape of an irregular capital letter B, with the upper part bent forwards, and the back of the B curved inwards to create a thin spine. Hole at one end; the other end, which is flat and bears the painted signature, is left free from the thick white slip coating the rest of the form. Decoration comprises several thick lines goudged out of the white slip filled with a dark almost black metalllic oxide. The piece is sprinkled with small goudged spots filled with the dark metallic oxide, and also short faint incised lines, creating a patina. Thinly coated on one side with a pale green metallic oxide and on the other side there is a patch of yellowish green metallic oxide towards the edge.

Object Name

Large Vessel

Creators Name

Gordon Baldwin

Date Created



approximate: 12.5cm
approximate: 36.6cm
approximate: 27.6cm

accession number


Place of creation



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