Day and Night

Makoto Hatori, 1947

Day and Night

Makoto Hatori 1947


Public: Stoneware sculpture composed of a stack of joined vessels, coated in matt white glaze. Private: Stoneware sculpture of a stack of thrown vessels joined together with matt white glaze. Three large distorted cylindrical vessels form base, upside down and joined together by narrow ropes of clay between them. Prominent throwing rings. Right hand vessel has two clay pads at rim to provide steady base. Sitting on top of these two more large irregular cylinders, turned on their sides and stacked horizontally. In open mouth of right hand vessel sits upright small vase, bulbous in shape with tall narrow neck. Surmounting these two vessels is group of twelve small vases, bulbous form and narrow tall neck, differing slightly in size and stacked vertically in irregular fashion. The whole is covered in thick matt white glaze joining elements together, with areas of brown colouration from the iron in the stoneware body.

Object Name

Day and Night

Creators Name

Makoto Hatori

Date Created


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