Diablo dinner service

Susie Cooper, 1902 - 1995

Diablo dinner service

Susie Cooper 1902 - 1995


Tall cylindrical coffee pot of oval section, with tall attenuated loop handle and spout, shallow domed cover with ring handle. Body of pot covercoat printed with two horizontal rows of teardrop motifs, matt yellow/green ('Old Gold') above, matt black below. Top row of teardrops reach upward, bottom row reach downward, so tails overlap slightly in the middle, brown/grey in colour. Cover aerograph-sprayed matt yellow/green, reserving handle and rim in white. Oval serving plate, circular dinner plate and dessert plate, each with slight curving rim and border of single row of matt black and yellow/green teardrops in alternate up and down facing positions. Oval sectioned sauce boat with straight sides curving in to foot, loop handle and raised lip with inverted rim. Circular soup bowl with straight sides curving in to foot, and flattened rim, widening at sides into an oval shape. Sides of both decorated with a border of alternating black and yellow/green teardrops. Coffee pot only on display.

Object Name

Diablo dinner service

Creators Name

Susie Cooper

Date Created

1955 (shape design date)


dessertplate: 1.7cm
dinnerplate: 1.8cm
coffeepot: 18.1cm x 22.5cm
servingplate: 2.7cm x 25cm
cerealbowl: 5.3cm x 13.8cm
sauceboat: 7.9cm x 19cm

accession number


Place of creation




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