Future Creatives – Our Alumnae Creative Futures 2023

Our Future Creatives Project has been taking place for 7 years and we knew we wanted to welcome our alumnae back as they establish themselves as practitioners and creatives in their city. Not only did we want to support the Alumnae with the skills they will need to deliver workshops and projects to other Future Creatives, we also know it is vital that our current and future students have role models and inspiring stories so they too can picture thriving in the future.

After an application process, Manchester Art Gallery and The Manchester College recruited 5 Future Creative alumni in paid positions to take part in a training programme and evaluation project running from March – July 2023.

Lifecycled, Nehal Amir

The Programme’s aim was to:

  • Offer support for a range of needs of previous students including leaders, innovators, makers and those who are not currently sure what they are.
  • Develop a network that helps build understanding and development, both within the group and with other professionals working in Manchester’s creative industries.
  • Provide opportunities to connect with artistic practice and think about how it can be applied and how to talk about it.
  • Explore how Future Creatives has impacted their lives and learn how to create a better programme for the coming years.
  • Develop a team to work on following years Future Creatives programmes.

Impulse, Isaac Grubb

It included:

A series of in-conversations with people already working in Manchester’s Creative Industries, including artists, designers and project managers. These offered insight from those who are working in the sector, from practicalities to health and wellbeing focused topics.

Training at Manchester Art Gallery in how to use artwork to unlock conversations and ideas both personally and with groups of young people.

A Film making opportunity, providing a buddy system with a skilled film maker, access to industry standard equipment, edit suits and technician time and postproduction support.

1-1 mentoring with a college tutor to develop workshopping skills in their specific artistic area, while giving opportunities to connect with their own practice.