Manchester Art Gallery

Clore Art Studio


Welcome to the Clore Art Studio; a space for families to be creative together

Creative thinking and art making have a transformative power, enhancing wellbeing and improving lives. You can try out activities for families to be creative together. Using our collections of paintings, fashion and design as inspiration you can draw, build, dress up, play or just relax and chat.

During 2019 we’re asking families about their everyday creative experiences and what kind of activities and events they would like to take part in. Please give us your feedback on what your family liked best and how you think we could improve what we offer for families.

What can you do in the space?

  • Dressing up area
  • A giant blackboard
  • Watch a film about Manchester made by artist-filmmaker Andrew Brooks
  • Drawing and making table
  • Building with soft blocks

We’ve also provided comment cards and we’re asking families:

  • What was your family’s favourite activity in the Clore Art Studio today?
  • What creative things do you do together at home?
  • What kinds of other creative activities would you enjoy doing at the gallery? It could be something
    you’ve never tried before.
  • What is missing from Manchester city centre for families?

We will use the feedback from families to help us with the design of the Clore Art Studio in 2020.

Working with families across Manchester

As 1 in every 4 children in Greater Manchester is living in poverty we want to ensure our family programme is accessible, relevant and supportive of other agencies working across the city to fight inequality. Did you know we run a health visitor clinic for new parents at the gallery? Working in partnership with the Manchester Health Visiting Team and Sure Start, we deliver creative health and education services for families of 0 to 5 year olds. We’re also working with members of the Education and Social Research Institute at Manchester Metropolitan University to examine how access to art and culture can help us understand child development.