Manchester Art Gallery

Volunteer voices

What’s it like to volunteer at Manchester Art Gallery? We’ll be posting volunteer voices – words, images and film here shortly.

Volunteering at Manchester City Galleries can really help you to gain all sorts of new skills, feel involved in the life of the gallery and meet new people.

Volunteering at Manchester Art Gallery makes me feel immensely proud. I always want to tell people about the gallery and I say how it put my life in a whole new direction. I have never painted so much in all my life, as a result of the support at opportunities at Manchester Art Gallery. I am able to give myself to projects and see positive results, and to see children laugh and be wowed by my volunteering is amazing.

Martin, Family event volunteer


The best thing about volunteering is the mood and atmosphere of the gallery and the people who come. I love that the exhibitions change. I really like the team working here and are very easy to work with. I didn’t understand English very well before but you have encouraged me so much saying I can do it. I like to be with people and have conversations with them. I like to express myself through art, through paintings and expressing my message. The conversations in the gallery have helped me outside the gallery, I feel more confident and there is less of a barrier with people I meet in shops or the streets.

Lubna, Stories we Share volunteer