Lucien Freud’s Girl with Beret

Welcome to this mindful exploration of Lucian Freud’s Girl with Beret.

Before we start, I invite you to join in with me taking a moment to turn your attention to your body, whether seated or standing. Feel the floor beneath supporting your body.

Perhaps close your eyes for a moment if that feels comfortable or lower the gaze.

Feel the breath coming into the body and leaving the body.

Staying with the breath a bit longer.

And then opening the eyes again.

Allowing light and colours to meet the eyes.

As we are directing our gaze at this painting, noticing any colours and tones you may find there

Allowing those colours to come to you.

Turning towards the colours in the jumper or pullover this woman is wearing.

Let’s find darker and lighter colours, shadows, folds and creases, textures.

Whenever the mind goes into thinking, you could allow it to gently come back into the looking .

Let’s look at her hat, her beret, meeting colours and shapes.

And then noticing that lock of hair in the middle, peeking out from under that beret

And looking at the hair.

Noticing the parting in the hair and the different colours making up the hair: browns, yellows, golden tones.

The hair is framing the face 

So let’s now rest the gaze on her face.

Let’s look with kindness and curiosity.

Noticing different colours and tones, the eyes, their shape, the eyelashes and the translucent colour of the irises.

The nose and all the planes and shapes in this face indicated with darker colours.

Noticing areas where light is reflected back.

The mouth, the different colours and tones on the lips.

Let’s look at the whole face; let’s take it in.

And look with kindness at this sitter, a human being like us.

Perhaps we can get a sense of a mood in this sitter’s face.

As you look at this portrait notice how you feel.

Any emotions? Any thoughts? How does your body feel right now?

As we are looking at this portrait for a bit longer, become aware of the space around you.

The objects in the room and possibly people.

Thank you for joining in with this guided looking.