Michael Ginsborgs’s Her Day at Sneaker’s Creek

Take a short moment to close your eyes if that feels comfortable right now, feel the sensations in the body and then taking one conscious breath and letting go of any tension on the out breath, if possible.

On opening your eyes, taking a look at the walls and ceilings of the room you’re in, noticing colours and straight lines, then directing your attention to this painting by Michael Ginsborg.

Meeting this painting with curiosity, what do you see?

First, noticing colours and soft shapes, then looking at the rectangles in this painting. You may even want to count them.

Noticing different colours in the wide lines, forming these rectangles. Choosing one to focus on now, looking at the space around your rectangle, then at the space within. Then following the outline of the rectangle with your eyes, starting with one corner, and then slowly following the line around until you’re back at your starting point.

Let’s do that again.

Now letting go of your rectangle and opening up to the whole painting. Seeing both the rectangles and the space around and within them, and then clearly noticing the shape of the canvas itself, and then widening your attention to include the whole room.

How do you feel now when you’re looking at this painting?

Feel the feet on the ground and the space around you, the space between you and the painting in front of you. Perhaps taking a few more moments to look a bit longer before moving on.