Manchester Art Gallery

Bee-Raphaelite Sisterhood

New hives on the roof

So after the morose opening post of the 2015 bee season we return to sunnier times. Yesterday the sun came out and it felt like summer had finally arrived. In true synchronistic style we installed 2 new bee nucleii onto the Gallery roof. This brings our hive total to 3 and provides us with the perfect opportunity to rename the apiary. Following in the tradition of the Bee-Raphaelite honey the apiary will be named the Bee Raphaelite Sisterhood; with the hives named after the founding members – Honey Hunt, Milly Millais and Rosie Rosetti.

Honey Hunt will be our remaining hive from previous years. Milly Millais and Rosie Rosetti will be the 2 new hives that will be in a new position – an experiment to see if the reason behind all the queen problems of the now absent hive was due to its location. Today we shall be transferring the frames from the nucleus boxes to the hives themselves now that the bees have had chance to reorient themselves.

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