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Can you help us test our website?

OK, so online collections are not exactly the stuff of dreams, but they have real value. Whether you’re just browsing for pictures of kittens – we have some – or are looking for the name of that painting you saw on your last visit but can’t remember its title, or whether you’re researching the history of glass making in Ancoats and need detailed and authoritative information, we’d like to make sure we make it easy for you.

We’ve been working behind the scenes to improve the information available online about our collections of fine art costume and design. Information about these collections, including whether a work is on display or not, is now completely up to date with our own collection management records.

The next phase is to make improvements in how these collections are searched and how they are presented to make them engaging and informative to the widest possible audience. We need your help to do that! We’re holding a series of website user-testing sessions over the next couple of weeks so, If you’re interested in helping us please complete the form below. We’re aiming to recruit a balanced representative selection of our audience, so please understand if we don’t involve you this time.

As a thank you for taking part, you’ll receive a £10 voucher to use in the Gallery Café.


One response to “Can you help us test our website?”

  1. Darren caproli says:

    It’s a great option when coming into tManchester City Center. Get away from the crowds, see some wonderful free art and grab a nice latte in between!

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