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English Corner takes a break

English Corner has been running since 2009 and is an example of how we foster a sense of welcome to people learning English in the city, whether they have been living here for a long time, are newly arrived or just here for a few days. All levels of English ability are welcome and it’s a great way for people to feel welcome and safe in the gallery.

English Corner has been delivered by ESOL tutor and artist, Kate Davies since 2014. Sadly, Kate died in May from cancer. She was a really engaging tutor, who was meticulous in her planning and consideration of how she used the artwork and taught English. She built up a great rapport with regular learners. We are sorry to share such sad news. She will be very missed.

We are taking a short break from English Corner and will be starting again on the second Tuesday of each month from October.

The dates of the next round of classes are:
8 Oct, 12 Nov, 10 Dec at the different time of 10-11.30.

Please keep an eye here on our website and social media for updates.

One response to “English Corner takes a break”

  1. Paula Browne says:

    I’m very sad to hear of Kate’s passing.
    I have a group of Talk English students that I would like to take to the gallery on Tuesday 9th July. Would this be okay?
    May thanks

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