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Future Creatives 2

Following on from the submission of works by the students from Manchester College and Xaverian College, the selection panel at Manchester Art Gallery had the difficult task of narrowing the works down to the 14 works that have been included in the Lifecycled show. This selection was based on the originality of the work and how it connected to the initial brief of responding to Matthew Darbyshire’s show An Exhibition for Modern Living, how the concept has been developed and the quality of skills with the chosen materials and techniques on show.

It was also key that the students be available and were indeed encouraged to involve themselves in the curation of the show. This included writing an artist statement, explaining their thought process and the background to the work, within the guidelines and to the standard of the labels written and used within gallery itself. They should also be involved in the placing of their works and understanding the connections to the works around them.

Unsurprisingly this challenge was taken up by all students with incredible professionalism and a positive attitude, getting the install completed on time and to a very high standard with the support of gallery staff and technicians.

The finished exhibition confirms the high standard of creative work taking place at both Manchester and Xaverian College. The goal of having work shown within a major international gallery space clearly enthused and drove the students to produce work that was in all cases thought provoking, directional and considered, all to a notably high standard.

The reaction from the visiting public has been incredibly positive:

Thoroughly enjoyed looking around the exhibition, a really inspiring and interesting project

Very impressed by the ingenuity of all the people involved

Thank the young artists for their honesty and integrity and I look forward to knowing their work in the future

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  1. Heather Wynn says:

    I am an art teacher and would like to bring students to your gallery in June. Please could you put me on your mailing list so that I can encourage students to visit your exhibitions now and in the future.
    My address is Upton High school
    St James Avenue
    Ch2 1NN
    Heather Wynn

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