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Grayson’s Art Club – People’s Choice

We have had such brilliant feedback from all of you about Grayson’s Art Club. Whether you have had a chance to visit the Gallery or you’ve seen the exhibition through our virtual tour, we would love to hear what your favourite public artwork is. Enter for a chance to win a free Grayson goodie bag – including a signed copy of the exhibition catalogue.


38 responses to “Grayson’s Art Club – People’s Choice”

  1. Stephen Holmes says:

    loved the exhibition, so much good art on view. Hope Grayson does more TV series and we get to see even more great art in Manchester again.

  2. Dionne Cyprus says:

    At home with my cats by Ania Newland was my favorite piece in the exhibition
    But I loved the whole exhibition and especially the fact that it was inclusive to all artists unlike a lot of other exhibitions.
    Great to know that spaces like this consider not all art has to be conceptual and hi brow !

  3. Jane Cummings says:

    I enjoyed the virtual tour very much as I live in Swansea and was unable to visit in person. Thank you so much.

  4. Norma-Jean Mercer says:

    I visited the exhibition today and this piece is really memorable, I like the scale and bold colour and the little snapshot into someone else’s life.

  5. Leonie Diffley says:

    A wonderful emotive exhibition

  6. Natalie Mason says:

    This exhibition was truly wonderful to see especially after such a difficult time during lockdown with one of the only highlights being Grayson’s art club on tv. My 2 nieces picked their favourite as Barbie in lockdown!

  7. Kathryn Stockton says:

    There are so many amazing pieces of Art to choose from but ‘Nuts about life’ was the piece I was most excited to see at the exhibition. For me it sums up the monotony of lockdown perfectly. I love how the bins appear to have been pushed randomly into the middle of the road and it allowed my imagination to create the different characters that could belong in the picture, whose driving the car, who wrote on the bin? Who could fill the space on the pavement?

  8. Jenni Willows says:

    I knew immediately what to choose because despite there being such a huge number of wonderful art works in this exhibition, Alex’s models were utterly enchanting and so much more than seeing them on screen. Quite simply, a cabinet of joy at a time when we needed it most!

  9. Suzanne says:

    The attention to detail in Alex’s work is incredible. To manipulate the clay in such a way as to bring the figures to life is to be much admired. Impossible to choose a favourite they are all individual and painstakingly made with care.

  10. Maria Wall says:

    Thanks Grayson and Phil, for an amazing exhibition and making me happy through lockdown!

  11. Helena South says:

    What an amazing experience to visit the exhibition.
    Memories are made and artists remembered.
    Thank you Grayson and Phillipa xx

  12. Helen Daykin says:

    This exhibition was pure brilliance. It showed me and my children that anyone with any ability can create art that means something to someone as well as yourself. It was life affirming, grounding and made me smile all in the same moment. Thank you for producing and facilitating the series and the exhibition.

  13. Pete Martin says:

    No great insight on my part. I loved so many of the pieces when I visited like nuts about life, lockdown barbie, loafing in the living room but there is something about this picture and the nearer you get to it that just has an effect so it is the one for me. Perhaps I like it because it wasn’t so lockdown and I identify with as I was working all the way through

  14. Jo Ewen says:

    Life affirming feel good art

  15. Mary says:

    It was very hard to choose. I loved the whole exhibition.

  16. Sue Baron says:

    Love this picture, so life like

  17. Susan Banister says:

    That picture changed my attitude to my own creativity. After spending a life thinking I can’t draw and I am not creative, Clare persuaded me to give it a go. It doesn’t have to be technically perfect to move people. I now paint, draw, collage etc

  18. Penny Patterson says:

    A fabulous exhibition, so hard to pick a favourite. Even more vibrant and touching in real life.

  19. Gemma boyle says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed all the artwork it was hard to choose a favourite

  20. Nicola Taylor says:

    I loved Emma’s artwork and her very special words of advice, I wondered what other work is in that art pad!?

  21. jude wells says:

    love the quirkiness and colour palette

  22. Linda Ashton says:

    Loved the programme. Love the entries. Hope you return to our screens soon.

  23. Candice says:

    Love the TV show. Shame the exhibits are not coming to London

  24. Emma says:

    I loved the light box the best. It made me cry.

  25. Tony Kerry says:

    So much joy

  26. Charlotte Brooks says:

    It was the first visit out for me after being in lock down and sheilding. I came with my friend to the exhibition and we weren’t disappointed. Every one of the entries were fabulous and put a smile on our faces. The one that we both amazed by was Alex Robinsons figures. The detail and precision is outstanding. A truly talented young man.

  27. Ethan Briggs says:

    A fantastic exhibition, very nice way to get back into going to art galleries and a lively insight into people’s own lockdown experiences…

  28. Valerie Evans says:

    Just loved the whole concept of the exhibition.

  29. Ted says:

    Just looks awesome, love the style it’s done in, I don’t try to understand why I like things, I just do. And me head tells me I like this one.

  30. Brenda Wilson says:

    The New Normal
    This photograph and the title of it terrifies me, but this snap shot is a true reflection of the streets today. The participants look somewhat bemused, as if they are trying to come to terms with how they have to behave in a street.
    Some day The New Normal will look differently.

  31. Beth says:

    It was so brilliant to have such a funny, cheerful, thoughtful show here in Manchester after such a difficult year. Seeing such a variety of art shows us how important galleries truly are. And proves that anyone can do it! Thanks for bringing us some joy Grayson and co.

  32. Flick Foreman says:

    The figures produced by Alex are inspirational. Love them.

  33. Lorraine Hosty says:

    This reminds me of my grandad when he’d moved in with my mum due to his dementia. He moved into my mums bedroom and looked out onto the garden, and the cats and dogs always kept him company. He didn’t look anything like the chap in the picture, but the relationship of him with the dog instantly made me picture him in that bedroom.

  34. Orla says:

    Beautiful, delicate work from a different reality from a wonderfully talented man. Let’s celebrate difference – our world is all the richer for it.

  35. Mark Steel says:

    Just a cheery image from life that made me smile

  36. Linda F says:

    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful

  37. Clair says:

    Loved this exhibition and so happy that we managed to see all the art works in real life. Grayson’s Art Club was a little bit of light in the dark times of COVID. Thank you Grayson and MCR Art Gallery.

  38. Alexis pala says:

    My favorite piece was the large contribution by the Singh Twins. It was awesome in the literal sense and one that invites the eye to wander and reminisce. So much has happened and we’re all rushing to get through this time and perhaps, at the expense of thinking about all the lessons learnt and that we acted too little too late… thank you for reminding us and drawing us back.

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