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The great British toastie revival starts here

Chef Mary-Ellen McTague brings a whole new outlook to our café

The great British toastie revival starts here

Good food, made well. The return of the Breville toastie, Bury black pudding, bread and pastries baked on site, Derbyshire oatcakes and Manchester tarts – this summer, we welcome a new chef and a whole new outlook to our café.

Mary-Ellen McTague, best known for her award-winning restaurant, Aumbry, reopens the Gallery Café on 16 June. Expect local producers, a kitchen garden out front and everything made every day, from scratch. It’s a fresh start for us, and good food for you.

Until then, please bear with us while we update and improve the café. Follow developments @MAGallerycafe or speak to a member of our staff.

A new partnership: the gallery and Real Junk Food Manchester

We believe that good food should be available to everyone. We’ll be working with Real Junk Food Manchester in our new café to offer a pay-as-you-feel menu for children – delicious, healthy meals that are affordable for families.

Helping make family visits that bit easier

Why pay as you feel? Manchester Art Gallery is for everyone, a civic space in the heart of the city that’s open to all. But we know that families often struggle with the cost of eating out. By sourcing ingredients from Real Junk Food Manchester we can help make family visits that bit easier.

From 16 June, if you are visiting the café with children you’re welcome to order meals from our children’s menu. Simply pay what you feel at the till or by using the donation box in the kitchen.

Like the idea? Help us deliver pay-as-you-feel meals by making a donation during your next visit. Every penny goes towards supporting this project.

The Real Junk Food Project Manchester is a not-for-profit community interest company.

Please note, while we upgrade our kitchens in  preparation for the new café, the café itself will be closed. The Gallery Café will be open again Friday 16 June.

Gallery Café opening times

New café, from mid-June
10am-5pm Monday-Sunday (until 9pm Thursdays)

Follow developments @MAGallerycafe or speak to a member of staff for more details.

4 responses to “The great British toastie revival starts here”

  1. Andy Rowe says:

    My guest and I visited the Cafe this afternoon,and found that the normally smooth running two areas for service operation had been turned on its head for no reason what so ever. An old maxim if it’s not broke don’t fix it!

    Is was chaotic, the queues were in the eating area at the one service point there were only two tils and 2 staff for all.

    We placed our order at 13-19 with Leah, and at 14-10 I approached a member of staff as not only was my guest not served a breakfast tea but her lunch order had gone missing. I showed the Receipt to the Staff and it was re ordered.
    I suspect there was a fault with the Tills but if so where was the managements back up plan? a pad and pen for orders passed to the Chef?

    On top of that the poor waitresses had no table plan to work to, we were approached several times with someone else’s orders.

    One would have thought the Management would have had a training session with the staff and at least provided numbers for the diners on a flag as other restaurants do or a number on the table

    I do not blame the staff who were very courteous I blame the managment for a poor performance.

    The Whitworth Gallery I hope does not have the same Management? My guest actually is a subscriber to the Art Galleries.

    On a happier note a woman dressed in a green top did offer us a complimentary coffee and cake selection and apologised to us both.

    I do hope others complained too to make the point over this fiasco

    • Martin Grimes says:

      Hi Andy, I’m very sorry that you received such poor service on your visit today. The new Gallery Cafe has been in operation for a week now and it does seem like there may be some teething troubles to resolve. I’ll pass on this note to the catering team who I’m sure will work to improve the table service. I do hope this won’t deter you from future visits. Martin.

  2. Andy Rowe says:

    Thank you Martin,

    However lets not spread the blame it will be one manager not a team that made this decision.

    In the short term the Whitworth has my guests for lunch and hope to return soon?



  3. I work very near and spotted the A board…I’m a big fan of Mary Ellen and am thrilled she’s working with Manchester Art Gallery in this new venture. The café is full of folk eating lunch on a Monday, I for one am enjoying good food at reasonable prices.

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