Manchester Art Gallery

Leonardo in Liverpool

As a country wide commemoration of the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death, the Royal Collection have loaned their Leonardo drawings to different locations, in Leeds; Belfast; Birmingham; Bristol; Cardiff; Derby; Glasgow; Liverpool; Sheffield; Southampton; Sunderland and our very own Manchester! The strategic programming by the Royal Collection means that everyone in England is no more than an hour’s drive away from one of the exhibition venues, each of which contains 12 drawings.

Since the Leonardo drawings arrived back in February, I’ve had countless conversations with the visitors who flocked to MAG, about their experiences of the drawings in the other locations. So after the thirtieth mention of Liverpool’s Leonardo’s, I decided it’s about time I scope it out for myself. I have been wondering how each venue might differ in presentation and how much freedom the Royal Collection gave to the curation. Since MAG’s theme is ‘the body’, what themes have other locations explored and how does each experience differ?

So I took a trip to the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool….

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