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I really enjoy the role and it links with my passion for art and working with the public. I love working with a really varied group of volunteers and feel fortunate to have got to know some great young (and older) people. I enjoy chatting to, guiding and encouraging visitors with their families in the Clore Art Studio.

My favourite artwork is ‘Work’ by Ford Madox Brown. This artist was subject of an exhibition here at the gallery in 2011 and it was superb. The artist triggers my thoughts on poverty, class, wealth and inequality. I have working class Mancunian blood running through my veins!

Lesley Hampson, Clore Art Studio volunteer.

I was a publican. I am now retired and enjoy the theatre, cinema, family life, gardening and watching Rugby Union. I am a proud Mancunian and enjoy spending time in one of Manchester’s great buildings.

My role at the gallery is mainly in the Clore Art Studio, but I also do audience surveying. I was part of the Horsfall project a few years ago and even swept the gallery floors as part of a performance for the Manchester International Festival in 2013! I have attended training sessions at the gallery on dementia, mental health and refugee awareness as part of being a volunteer.

I volunteer to add structure back into my life, to continue to learn about life and to try and give a little back to the community. I love coming into Manchester and mixing with other volunteers, staff and visitors. I love mixing with such nice people. I do hope in return for all I get, I give something back.

My favourite space at the gallery is the Pre-Raphaelite and the Dutch galleries. My favourite painting is Autumn Leaves by Millais.

Cliff Renshaw, Clore Art Studio and audience survey volunteer.



If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer visit our website and fill in the form. We’ll get into touch when the next opportunity comes up.

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