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When are we reopening?

This week’s Government announcement that museums and galleries can reopen from 4 July is welcome news. We’ve very much missed being open and can’t wait to welcome people back, but it’s important to us that we manage the re-opening in a way that ensures our visitors and staff feel safe. We’re looking at how we can begin a phased re-opening of the gallery at some point over the summer.

We want to get things right and are planning for how we can best do this to ensure gallery goers get the most from their visit when we re-open. We’ll keep you posted on progress and of course, welcome your thoughts and feedback.

12 responses to “When are we reopening?”

  1. Nicholas Webb says:

    Can’t wait for reopening. One-way route round the whole building essential. Cafe should also reopen with appropriate spacing.

  2. Helen Jarvie says:

    Can you advise which date you’ll reopen to the public please?

  3. Ms. B.Hyland says:

    I hope you will reopen soon but its important that staff and customers are safe. But looking forward to a coffee in the cafe and catching up with my friends. And of course visiting the latest exhibition.

  4. Jane Trimmer says:

    I would like to see the gallery open soon, but appreciate this would need a lot of planning.
    Perhaps timed-tickets are in order, as in the major London galleries?
    It would be nice if the cafe were to re-open but would accept that it may not in the near future.
    I can see that the toilets will be a problem as the one-metre rule would be virtually impossible. Perhaps one person at a time? This would be acceptable, as long as people know.

    • Martin Grimes says:

      Thanks for your thoughts Jane. We met again at the gallery today to look at the practicalities in detail, looking at signage and waymarking in particular. When we are absolutely clear on a date, we’ll let eveyone know – we’re as keen to reopen as everyone!

  5. Michael Potok says:

    Come on guys. If the National Gallery can do it you can do it. If you are going to wait till all your visitors “feel safe” you might as well resign yourselves to never opening again.

  6. Ms Amy Knowles says:

    Art galleries and museums are such a good resource for families, but usually the toddlers can run around (in the family gallery mostly of course). Will this still be allowed in that gallery?

    • Martin Grimes says:

      Hi Amy, during the first phase of reopening, the family gallery – Clore Art Space – will not be open. As time goes on and we get more a sense of what does and doesn’t work in terms of engaging but safe visits, we’ll be able to review what parts of the gallery we can open.

  7. Danny Dronsfield says:

    Got a date yet?

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