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A message from Alistair Hudson, Director of Manchester Art Gallery

The pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have given us much pause for thought. The last year has particularly revealed inequalities across all aspects of society and prompted us to ask how we best respond to the fissures that have opened up in health, education, economics and culture. And that is culture in the broadest sense, as in who has a right to a fully expressed life and what kind of culture do we make together? Whilst these are not new issues and questions, they are ever more pertinent and urgent.

As we approach our 200 year anniversary it gives us a moment to reflect upon the founders and founding principles of our institution, created by the artists, merchants and industrialists who were then building Manchester as a the new global capital, in full knowledge that if you were to build a city anew, it was imperative that its residents had access to a full creative education, places in which to commune together with the arts and sciences, and in doing so create the conditions for all to develop with a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Whilst the last year revealed many cracks it also shone a light on the many things that can glue us together. Many people re-discovered the fundamentals that nurture care and consideration, and the imagination to picture a positive future. Art lies at the centre of this, proven by the vast numbers who took part in activities during lockdown, brought to mainstream attention by Grayson’s Art Club, evidenced by the use of art to light up dark times. No more so than by the health workers who reached out for us to provide something else, even if just a little joy.

For us this year has re-affirmed our role as a civic institution that belongs to and works for its people to help make a city worth living in. This was the original idea that inspired the thinkers and doers of Manchester back then in the 1800s, offering their subscriptions to get the gallery on Mosley Street built and subsequently maintained through generations of patrons as centre of human activity. We are hugely grateful for their support and for the patrons who continue this work today, enabling the incredible work of the team who bring the art to life in programmes of education, health and social cohesion that are there for the widest benefit of all.

Embarking on the next two hundred years, we are seeking new generations of patrons to bring our mission to full fruition – fellow travellers who see art not just as individual expression, but communal contribution to a life well lived.


For a minimum donation of £500 a year (£250 for Young Patrons if you’re under 35) you can make a huge difference to the Gallery and enjoy some unique and enjoyable experiences including the opportunity to see behind the scenes and meet artists.

If you’d like to find out more or to become a Patron or donor please contact us:
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Image: Ivon Hitchens Lavington Common 1938 (detail) © the artist’s estate.