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Clore Art Studio


Please note: During May we’ll be upgrading the lighting system across our gallery spaces which will mean some unavoidable closures. From 5 – 9 June the Clore Art Studio will be closed.

Clore Art Studio

To celebrate the opening of the exhibition Strange and Familiar: Britain as Revealed by International Photographers, Sarah Marsh and Jessica Wild have designed a space to celebrate ‘you’. Explore yourself and your identity, share stories with others and spend time viewing yourself and your surroundings in a different way.

• Watch the film to view interesting images of Manchester

• Share stories with us at the inspiration table; leave your own and take someone else’s away with you

• Play with text on the pegboard to build words and sentences

• Use the blocks to construct imagined spaces

• Trigger a 3-D effect by viewing red and blue lines through the red and blue lenses

• View yourself in different ways around the space, what can you discover?

The Clore Art Studio is open for families and visitors of all ages

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