Website Copyright Statement

The contents of this site, including all images and text, are subject to copyright. All material is provided for browsing and viewing purposes only. No copies of the digital images or text may be made except for personal use. ‘Personal use’ means non-commercial, domestic use by an individual involving the making of only single copies of each digital image.

General Copyright

Manchester City Galleries holds the copyright for many of the photographs and works of art in the permanent collection displayed on this website and always needs to be contacted for permission when works of art are to be reproduced. For image licensing enquiries, please contact us.

For some more recent works in the collection, the work itself will also be protected by copyright. Artistic works are normally protected in the EU for a period of the lifetime of the artist plus at least 70 years.

If you wish to reproduce a work protected by copyright you must, by law clear, permission with the rights holders (usually the artist or their estate) for the artistic work, and Manchester City Galleries for the photograph.

Take down notice

We take a carefully risk-managed approach to publication of materials on this website and aim always to act within all applicable copyright legislation. However, if  you are the owner of the copyright or related rights in any of the material on this website, and you believe that the material may be subject to a third party ownership or another legal claim, or you believe that use of this material infringes your or others intellectual property or any other rights please contact us.

Changes to this copyright policy

If this copyright policy changes in any way, we will place an updated version on this page.

Last updated 27 October 2020