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Temporary closure

Platt Hall is closed to the public during 2019.


Why are we closed?

Platt Hall is currently closed for an essential programme of building preservation, structural improvement and collection care. To safeguard the building, and protect the extensive costume collection, Manchester City Council are funding much needed replacement and repair of the hall roof, and improved security. Gallery staff are continuing to work on the collection, and hope to open up access to it on an appointment basis once these building works are complete. In the meantime, work progresses on the development of a dedicated Fashion Gallery at Manchester Art Gallery, which will launch in February 2021 with a major exhibition on the male image and ‘dandy’ style.

Our longer term vision for Platt Hall is now underway thanks to research and development funding from the Esmee Fairbairn Collections Fund and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. Platt Hall is a key historic landmark within the richly diverse neighbourhoods of Rusholme, Fallowfield and Moss Side. It has been many things in its 250-year lifespan: a domestic house, an art school, a police headquarters, a tea room, accommodation for European refugees, a labour camp for WW1 conscientious objectors. During the 1920s and 30s, it was one of Manchester’s six ‘branch galleries’, part of the city’s innovative strategy for taking art into domestic neighbourhoods. And, from 1947, it was the Gallery of Costume, the world’s first dedicated museum of dress. Today, Platt Hall embodies the material legacies of Manchester’s complex history of both radical innovation and social challenge. It has the potential to become a unique cultural space in the city.

We are putting communities and collections at the heart of Platt Hall’s redevelopment. Working with local residents, we aim to develop a unique museum with a social agenda – a place where the city’s diverse art collections come together with local talent, skill and knowledge to promote creativity, curiosity, well-being and community.