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posset pot

posset pot


Lobular posset pot on circular footring, curving in to flared neck, strap loop handles on either side with folded scrolls at lower terminals, S-shaped spout emerging at base and separating from body at neck. Bluish-white tin-glaze, painted in-glaze around sides with with birds and insects amongst flowering stems, in two shades of blue and black 'trek' outlines. Chinese scroll border to neck enclosed by groups of narrow bands, interrupted around spout side by inscription '1696: ANN: : PALTHORPE:'. Chinese scroll border to spout, horizontal dashes to handles. Darker blue patches have split and lifted slightly from the surface, especially around the neck.

Display Label

The Thomas Greg Collection The Greg Collection of English Pottery was given to the Gallery in 1904 by collector and amateur historian Thomas Greg. One of the great collections of English pottery, it was formed at a time when little was known about the history of ceramics in this country. Over forty years Greg systematically acquired some of the best examples of the potter's art, tracing its development over a thousand years. His collection tells the story of English pottery: of experiment and invention, triumph and downfall, from the unknown medieval craftsman to the world domination of Josiah Wedgwood. In many ways, it is a history of England itself. Greg was driven by a fascination with the past and a desire to contribute to scholarly knowledge. He gave his collection to the Gallery in the hope of inspiring a similar sense of wonder in others.

Object Name

posset pot

Date Created

c 1696


(26cm across handles): 17cm x 26cm

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Collection Group

craft and design

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